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39. Confidence, Stress Management and Motivation with Dr. Rachel Goldman (@drrachelnyc)

January 6, 2020

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We are back for part 2 of my interview with New York psychologist, Dr Rachel Goldman. Dr Rachel specialises in health and wellness, including health behaviour change, stress management, eating behaviours, obesity, bariatric surgery and weight management. She helps her clients achieve their health and wellness goals utilising cognitive behavioural therapy. 

In this episode I chat with Dr Rachel about her tips relating to eating behaviour and dealing with stress eating. We discuss co-workers and family members who self-sabotage your progress, finding and maintaining motivation and how to set goals that you will actually achieve! We also talk about mindful eating and planning ahead when it comes to long term health. Finally, we end with a brilliant discussion about happiness and confidence plus how to recognise the signs of disordered eating. You can follow Dr Rachel on social media @drrachelnyc or visit her website www.drrachelnyc.com Don’t forget to leave me a positive rating or review in your podcast app if you enjoyed the podcast and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss an episode! 

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