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26. The latest gut health research, straight out of the lab, with researcher and dietitian Dr Megan Rossi (@theguthealthdoctor)

September 21, 2019

It seems obvious when I say it, but you SHOULD NOT take the health advice you see on social media at face value. If you are going to act on advice that could affect your health or wellbeing, that advice should be backed by robust and well designed research that demonstrates its effectiveness. In short, whether it's on Instagram or otherwise, you should only take health advice from evidence based health professionals.

Luckily, when it comes to gut health, I've got you covered. 

Today I'm chatting with Dr Megan Rossi PHD (@theguthealthdoctor on Instagram), a registered dietitian and gut health researcher at King’s College London who is investigating nutrition-based therapies in gastrointestinal health, including, for example, prebiotics, probiotics, dietary fibres, the low FODMAP diet and food additives. 

Today, Megan and I take you through the latest research related to topical gut health issues. We talk about the effects of food additives on IBS and the gut microbiome more generally. We discuss the current efficacy of the emerging concept of personalised nutrition. Megan takes us through the latest research relating to the effects of probiotics and in what circumstances they may be helpful. We talk about the emerging understanding of the link between gut health and mental health through the gut-brain axis. We debunk the myths relating to "leaky gut" and explain exactly what it is and how it relates to coeliac disease. We chat about the latest research coming out about the connection between gut health, weight management and women's health. We talk truths about the effects of alcohol and dairy on gut health. Megan also gives you her tips on how to include beans, legumes and chickpeas into your diet if you suffer from wind and bloating. Finally, Megan and I talk IBS, misconceptions about the low FODMAP diet and the emerging evidence relating to non-dietary, holistic ways of managing IBS. 

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